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April 21, 2022 Consumers Health Posts

“Poor sleep intensifies next-day stress for parents.”

Can a lack of sleep cause stress? Research confirms that we experience more stress the day after a poor night’s sleep. And the effects might be particularly noticeable for parents struggling to care for multiple children while holding down a job.

You wake up tired. You didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night, so you feel physically unwell, and emotionally down. As you drag yourself through the day, you notice something else, too. Everything seems more stressful. Life at work. Life at home. There isn’t enough time to cope with your kids and keep everything running smoothly.

If this story is familiar to you, take heart. It’s a widespread reality for parents. Poor sleep triggers attention problems and bad moods in just about everyone (Galli et al 2022; Sin et al 2020). It can lower our threshold for pain (Simpson et al 2018). And for at least one demographic — parents living with young children — sleep loss has an additional impact on psychosocial stress. The day after insufficient sleep, we’re more likely to perceive increased stress levels.

READ more online at: https://parentingscience.com/poor-sleep-intensifies-next-day-stress-for-parents/

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